Episode 23: Flea Markets & checking out a Minimalism Meetup group

A weekend at the flea markets in springtime means finding more tools for working on and cleaning the off grid camper. If you have been following the podcast then you now I love hunting for deals at the flea markets. Today was one of the first good days with warm spring weather in this area. Combine that with the fact that most of the people with stuff at the flea markets are looking to sell after a long winter and you can save a lot of money! Yes I found a few good deals.

Ironically just after checking out the flea markets I attended a Minimalist group meeting. If your asking what is minimalism or what is a minimalist your not alone. If you don’t know Minimalists are people who are on a path to make their lives better and create more meaning with less “stuff”. There were about a dozen people at the Meetup from all walks of life. Everyone had different versions of what minimalism meant to them. Having fewer possessions has really made more and more sense during this move. As I take this step from living in an average size house in the suburbs to living off the grid in a camper minimalism is sounding very good right now. You can’t take it with you when you check out here on earth so um.. yeah.

Today’s episode of the Off The Grid podcast was recorded back in April along the way into the camper. Please post if you have a question or comment and again thank you for listening! 🙂

Show notes from today’s Podcast

  • If you would like to learn more about Minimalism then check out their main website here: http://www.theminimalists.com/
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