Episode 27: Fixing the Off Grid camper roof with sealant & tar

new sealant tar camper roof

Today was the last of a 3 day weekend and I was heading out to put some sealant and tar on the camper roof. If you remember last episode of Off The Grid Podcast I started working on the roof. If a camper or house has a leaky roof then there is no new sealant tar camper roofsense working on or fixing new sealant tar camper roof 2anything inside. Yesterday I was out there on top of the roof scraping the old roof sealant all the way down to the metal. Some campers and RVs have rubber roofs. Others have galvanized roofs under the sealant. Luckily my off grid camper was galvanized.. under about a quarter inch of close to 40 years of roofing sealant and tar. Today my goal was to complete fixing the camper roof. I had a 3 gallon bucket of tar that you apply with a trowel and a 5 gallon bucket of rubber that you roll on with a paint roller. Both went on great as you can see in the pictures. Scraping was not as difficult as I thought it would be and it was a relief when the sealant went on really smooth as well.

On a side note I made a funny video called “Preparing For Poo”. It was basically a DIY video on how to prepare for um.. poo. Yes when you have to go you just have to go if you know what I mean. The quick funny video shows you how to put together a super quick Porta Potty out of a cardboard box, couple of trash bags, some duck tape, and a recycled toilet seat. Anyway if your up for a laugh please check out the link below in today’s show notes to see the funny Preparing For Poo video. 😛


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