Episode 42: FINALLY Fixing the off grid camper floor!

repair camper floor

Finally the day had arrived to repair the off grid camper floor! My cousin Jason and I were out there off the grid on a nice summer day gutting the poor frame work from about a month earlier. We were finally getting to repairing the skeleton of a floor where bare metal and insulation had been mocking me for about a month now. If you remember back in June I had an extremely frustrating weekend with some contractors bad camper framing floorin the camper (Off The Grid Podcast Episode 31). We got started late in the morning with the sun going easy on us. Normally most summer days here in VA can be dangerously hot and humid. I checked the thermostat reading 89 degrees inside the camper but fortunately for us the humidity was low and the breeze aided the fan.

We went to work clearing out the hacked up wood, old insulation, and remnants to make way for the new floor. Then Jason took some measurements and planned out the best way to replace the framing for the camper floor. We had a lot of fun on this little diy off grid camper project. As you can hear my cousin has a good sense of humor! lol The fan going in the background kept good airflow going and made a big repair camper floordifference. I found a small DC powered handy-vac that worked great.. it just had to be emptied a lot! lol With the camper door open most of the time so we could go in and out of the camper the bugs found their way inside. A couple of bees, flies, and a few mosquito made their way to the excitement here in the off grid camper. Measure twice and cut once! If your building a one mile road by the time you get to the end your minor measurement can be way off so do it right the first time. 🙂

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”

the best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.. or in this case the floor! After about two hours of removing the old framing, cleaning, and cutting the first 2X2s we started putting the new flooring back into the close to 40 year old camper. Time flew as the excitement of a new floor quickly started to take shape. The anticipation was kind of like Christmas! lol For the last month I had a single 2 foot by 2 foot piece of plywood as a stepping place once just inside the camper by the door. I had to sprawl like Spiderman every time I needed to get into or out of the camper. On the rare occasion I missed a step there was a chance of going through the bottom of the off grid camper. Today’s Off The Grid Podcast was recorded back in early August 2015. I also had a video camera recording along with the audio. With all of there excitement going on I forgot to take a lot of pictures so I will get some images from the video camera and upload them soon! Once again every day here off the grid proves to be not only an adventure but also a wealth of opportunities to learn. Neither of us had worked on a camper before so it was a good exercise in critical thinking skills. My cousin had years of wood working experience along with a good background in general construction. I had very little construction experience aside from building forts as a kid. Today’s off grid build was a great experience and we had a lot of fun! If you do try anything like this please stay safe and use your brain!


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: If you measure twice and cut once you will save a lot of time, materials, and money!
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