Episode 93: Journal Entry ~ Facing Personal Challenges

lots of rain

If the title for today’s show caught your eye then you have probably guessed by now that this episode is not about all things off grid. Consider this one more of a Journal entry in my journey among the off grid experience leaning more so into psychological aspects most of us probable face from time to time. We all have personal struggles and challenges that we face in different aspects of life. For me right now I am battling my old nemesis procrastination, fighting my natural sleep cycle of staying up late, as well as along a much more elusive subconscious “fear of success” factor. Now I realize this has nothing to do with living off the grid or anything of that nature. If you are reading this now then chances are its because you are a fan of the podcast and of my journey thus far. Life is not always just a big box of rainbows.. sometimes we have a little bit of un-forcasted rain as well. So please bear with me and stay tuned for the next show. I promise it will be a much better “off grid” like show with more of the bright side of what life has to offer. Yup the clouds will part and the sun will shine soon. lol Again it is what it is so I will simply let today’s episode speak for itself. Thank you for listening


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Maybe I should listen to Yoda. “Do or do not. There is no try”
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