Episode 91: Off Grid Winter Wonderland & A Crazy Eventful Weekend!

winter wonderland in the woods

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday proved to be one of the most eventful weekends to winter wonderland pathdate out in this little part of the world. This last weekend the weatherman was calling for some snow, sleet, and rain. At times it almost seemed like the weatherman was a DJ spinning gusts of snow storms like records.. skillfully adjusting the knobs that controlled the weather conditions along the way! Friday I had a reminder from the powers that be that as of yet I am still exploring the lesson(s) to which I am supposed to learn from. By this I am referring to two chance encounters with my ex-girlfriend on the same day at two different locations. Friday was only the beginning as the winter weather snow storm was just getting started. Moving into Saturday here in Virginia we really got hammered by a solid day long blizzard. I realize this may not mean a lot to some people living up north or in areas where you are used to a lot of snow but down here that is significant! When the weekend was all said and done it seemed like life had surprises and challenges around almost every corner. I had an issue with my Mr. Buddy Heater not turning on in the hard freezing cold of a sleet and snow filled night. Thanks to the blizzard and snow accumulations on Saturday managed to completely miss my “driveway” and almost got stuck in a ditch. Went for a super peaceful yet invigorating walk WAY of the path in the woods.. because I knew with my footprints in the snow I could not get lost!! 🙂 Oh and I already mentioned the interesting angle from my personal life. Yup! This truly was an off grid Winter Wonderland out here complete with a healthy sprinkling of wildly eventful weekend moments compared to the normal peace and quiet nature has to offer. lol


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Two is one, one is none. When it comes to heat in the winter, needing to drive, or whatever you better have a backup!
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