Episode 80: Listener Feedback & Looking for Opportunities in your environment

vine around tree cane

Keeping an eye out for opportunities in your environment can be easy when you are already exploring and looking for resources. If you are already living off the grid or are planing to do so in the future making the absolute best use of your time is critical. Ever since the colder weather took care of the ticks in this area I have found myself venturing out exploring more and more around the camper. As it turns out the surrounding woods are a golden opportunity for someone with the eye of an artist and the ambition of a crafter. It seems like everywhere I look there are beautifully ornate trees with vines wound up and around them. The thing is most of the time you see one or two of these scattered along the side of the road in your travels. vine around tree caneThe fact that a majority of these trees or future really cool looking canes are all over the place out here within walking distance of my off grid camper makes for an excellent opportunity to make some wonderfully ornate walking sticks.

While going out on my walks in the morning I realized that several things were being done all at once which ultimately will save me a lot of time. If you are living off grid or are looking to do so please make note of this. Going for walks and exploring the area around your home serves many purposes at once. Yes you are exploring and getting exorcise but it also gives you the opportunity to look for resources such as firewood or building materials. If you are into making crafts see what else you can find in your area to create something. Making the best use of time when your out and about is not only easy but is just makes sense. In my case I have found a LOT of future walking sticks, canes, princess wands, and Harry Potter like wands as well. There is enough to keep me busy for a long time out here off the grid in the enchanted forest! lol 🙂 A quick search online showed that there does not seem to be a lot of money to be made but as a hobby $35 – $250 per waking stick / cane would be fun none the less. Alas with everything I have going on out here at least for now I will need to keep this one in the back of my mind until I have some.. free time.


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