Episode 78: Listener Feedback, Questions, Comments, & a Cool Link!

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Today’s episode of Off The Grid Podcast is all about you questions, comments, and feedback that listener just like you have emailed in about. As you know I have only been off grid out here in the camper for less than a year but in this short time I have really learned a lot. As more new listeners find the show our audience and off grid community will continue to grow right along with the new episodes. 🙂 Every once in a while you guys and galls take the time to email. THANK YOU! It means a lot to me every time I see a new email from listeners just like you because it is a reminder that someone is listening. While I have seen the numbers grow on website views I never really know if “you” are listening. lol Do you remember back when you first started listening to the Off The Grid Podcast? Well try to put yourself in my shoes for a minute. I started recording these shows months before I started posting them up online. At the very beginning back in July I started posting shows up 7 days a week to get these episodes current. When I started this whole off grid adventure earlier this year I was posting these episodes knowing that chances are nobody was listening. Fast forward to today’s show number 78 and it is kind of like a runner getting a second wind by being able to do another listener feedback show! lol So when you take the time to email it is a great opportunity to share some of your questions and awesome info as well. As you start to email more of your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback I will continue to share theme here with listeners just like yourself. Thank you to everyone that has taken time to email. I will always be grateful!

Some of the questions from today’s Off The Grid Podcast show are listed here:

  1. Some really good questions, comments, and info about installing wood stoves in RVs / Camper.
  2. Does your camper have a propane heater?
  3. If not hunting dogs nearing the camper then what puts you on alert out there in the woods off the grid?
  4. Do you ever get “creeped out”? If so by what?
  5. Does fire attract animals?
  6. If you were to hear people approaching how would you respond?

If you have been listening to the show for a while no doubt you have probably heard me mention Trucker Carl. He has emailed a lot of good info in the past. Just recently he emailed another great link to an article about building super simple root cellar. Essentially all you need is a 55 gallon barrel, a shovel, and some time to dig. I checked out the website and it looked like they also have a LOT of really good info about survival prepping and just being prepared for SHTF scenarios across the board. You can check out the easy do it yourself prepper root cellar project here on 101waystosurvive.com. The site has a lot of articles for the DIY guy with easy to follow instructions for the how to.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: If you are going off grid try to save as much as you can before you do.
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  • If your up for making a root cellar out of a 55 gallon barrel check out this cool link 101waystosurvive.com.
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