Episode 67: Podcast Listener Show Questions, Comments, & Feedback

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If you tune in to Tuesday episodes of Off The Grid Podcast you know that I normally talk about the previous weekend projects. Thanks to you it seemed like a good idea to make a listener show with your comments, questions, and feedback sent in by email from you guessed it.. listeners just like you! This being episode 67 of the show now November already it almost seems like yesterday when the podcast started its journey off grid as well 🙂 I started recording these episodes back in February before moving into my camper and living off the grid. After a number of setbacks and hurtles I finally made it and so on that day I decided it was time to start actually posting the episodes that had been stacking up for 6 months prior. After all what would be the sense in creating then posting podcast episodes if I never actually made it off grid? Which leads me back to today’s show about your questions, comments, and feedback.

Over the last few months the podcast has really gained some momentum online and that is all because of YOU! Some of you have started sending in some really great info, thought provoking comments, and invaluable feedback. After reading a number of your emails it quickly became apparent that I am not as “alone” in this hair brained idea of desiring a simpler, self sufficient, and more fulfilling lifestyle “off the grid”. A long time listener (does 67 episodes count? lol) Trucker Carl from Michigan sent in some very good info about how to winterize camper windows. by simply building a frame around each window out of 2 X 4s and some clear plastic. This would act as a super cost effective way to double insulate your windows from the freezing outside winter air. He had a number of good ideas for surviving the cold weather months in a camper.

Last week Brian sent in some invaluable information on using a commonly available Buddy Propane heater to keep your camper, tiny house, or small log cabin warm in the winter. What made his propane heater experience so valuable? His insight is extremely valuable because he said they used the Little Buddy and Buddy propane heaters for 100% of their heating for 4 years! Think about that for a second. Over those four years he was able to get a very accurate information about how well they worked along with the cost to operate one of the Buddy Propane heaters. Brian said that over those four winters they found that on low it kept the average temperature at 65 degrees F. Connected to a larger 20 pound propane tank the Buddy Propane heater would last about a week and a half. At $60 a month for even the coldest months and not freezing your you know what off sounds good to me! lol Yes tea lite candles are more affordable but I can tell you from my own personal experience its still quite chilly! After a little research I found that the Buddy Propane heaters are designed to shut off if it senses low oxygen. Still you should always play it safe in any tiny house, log cabin, or camper by installing a carbon monoxide detector. While I do not own one of these I will probably be buying one soon!

With this last weekend being a very productive blur checking the email our most recent listener feedback comes from Tom. He says that he started listening at episode 37 and had a number of questions. Tom asked are you in VA or NC? All about the about batteries.. 6V or 12V? Acreage or small parcel? Can your camper fridge run off electric or propane? He also asked about the off grid camper. Yes I realize this is still a fairly new show but sometimes it takes an email like this to remind me that new listeners are tuning in all the time so a little back story is needed from time to time. Hopefully I answered some of this in today’s show but if you would like to learn more about Off The Grid Podcast please check out the site www.offthegrid.tips for all of the back episodes of the show. As always if you have additional questions please feel free to email me anytime! Life can be extremely busy at times.. we all know this. Especially when your on the grid for work or working harder to get yourself off the grid! For this I am very grateful and really appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to do so. If you are a regular listener you know that part of the reason for my slowing the episodes down from 5 to 2 days a week was to begin posting more videos of everything out here off the grid in an out of the camper, along with some really cool solar projects. In appreciation for you all taking the time to send in your questions, comments, and feedback I wanted to post a quick video of the camper as well a preview of a solar heating project I have been working on. Please keep in mind that yes.. I have been taking step by step video of this solar heating project for the future too! 🙂

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