Episode 6: There is no FAST FOOD when your living Off The Grid!

Taking a short drive to a fast food drive thru for a convenient meal I started thinking about the fact that there is no FAST FOOD when your living off grid! Hungry and don’t feel like cooking? Meal preparation will be a priority. When I’m off the grid distance will mean this is not an option. Thats a good thing right!? lol Anyway I really do not like fast food or more accurately the “stuff” that a majority of “junk” thats in the fast “food”. Driving in the snow also thinking about many things like heating in the winter, wild animals, power in the camper, and basic security off grid. Thinking deeper about life and keeping up with the Jones’s.

Todays words of wisdom: “There are no problems in life, only challenges”

Today’s episode was recorded back in Feb. before I was off the grid and these shows are being posted quickly to get everyone up to date (5 months ahead with recorded audio). If you want to know more please check out more shows!

July 23rd, 2015 by