Episode 58: Preparing for a HURRICANE in the Off Grid Camper!

off grid camper outside

Preparing for natural disasters is always the adventure before the adventure because solar panels off grid camperyou just don’t know the full extent of what mother nature has in mind yet. In this area we have a regular hurricane season. Right now hurricane Joaquin is barreling up the east coast and is set to impact my little off grid camper Saturday (tomorrow). Being out here in the woods off the grid is adventurous to say the least! Over the last few days I have gotten most of everything secured, moved around, and out of the way that I could possibly be affected by this storm. Hurricane Joaquin is currently a category 3 and is expected to drop to a category 1 by the time it reaches this area here in VA. Even if this turns out to be a category 1 hurricane it still means we will get another 6-12 inches of rain over the next 2 days. Along with the unusually high amount of rain in a short period of time the wild gusts of wind can off grid camper ac coverbe dangerous.

If you have half a brain you know that hurricanes and RVs or campers are not a good combination. It has been raining for an entire week. The rain started last Friday and has continued to rain most all day and night for seven days now. Add to the fact that the ground is already soaked and you have a recipe for a very sloppy muddy mess out here off grid. As always once again I am reminded that this whole off grid journey has proven to be an adventure every day. Hurricane Joaquin was downgraded from a category 4 but still any storm stamped with the label of a “hurricane” means pay attention, get prepared, use your head, and stay safe.. until the storm passes. 🙂

In preparing for this off grid wood pilehurricane I took the solar panels off of the camper roof and brought them inside. I put about a third of a roll of Duck Tape around the AC on the camper roof. If you remember there was a major roof leak around the AC so I was using the Duck Tape to reinforce the rope that was wrapped around the small tarp covering it. By the way with all of the rain in the last week the off grid camper has a few minor leaks that will need to be taken care of soon. I also organized and secured a few items that could be blown around by the strong gusts of wind.

Looking up some more info on this storm on weather.com was almost information overload but a couple of clicks led me to hurricane Joaquin’s inside track.. lol ok that was a bad joke! 🙂 If you want to learn more check out the link in today’s show notes below. Out of curiosity are you in the path of hurricane Joaquin? If so please post and let me know how your prepping for this storm and staying safe! 🙂 You are being safe right?


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: When you know a storm is coming your way get prepared early!
  • Learn more about hurricane Joaquin from the post I read on weather.com.
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