Episode 53: Quick Battery Update and Collecting Rainwater

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Today’s podcast is a short one and I am really looking forward to getting caught up with posting day to day with current shows. We are getting close so these Off The Grid Podcast shows should be current as opposed to recorded months earlier by the start of next week. Just posting a quick update here with the batteries as kind of a follow up to yesterdays Off The Grid Podcast episode along with last nights rainwater collection. If you missed it listen to Episode 52 on the Big Solar Battery Bank Update for more info. This morning I was running short on time because it was shaping up to be a busy day but wanted to at least get a show recorded for you guys. 🙂 Due to the solar charge controllersometimes dangerous heat and humidity I have only been able to run the equalization cycle for an hour or so before heading out for the day. If your wondering why its because I would feel more comfortable having a full day to “babysit” the batteries as they go thru a full equalization cycle of 4 hours. Again if your having problems with your batteries draining down or not holding a charge you may want to check out yesterday’s show for some helpful info from what I learned.

The next exciting bit for the morning at least for me being off the grid was checking to see just how much rainwater was collected from the night before. It rained a good deal and also made for good sleeping weather with the sound of rain all around in the forest, the comfortable cool temp, and yes the rain on the roof of the camper. 🙂 I don’t have my rain barrels set up here off the grid yet so whatever I can collect each time it rains is indeed exciting! lol Aside from maybe an avid gardener you wouldn’tcollecting rainwater think so much about getting excited every time it rains but I still do. The night before I set out 3 containers to collect the wet sunshine 😛 Two of the containers are round stainless steel kitchenware type bowels. The third is a small plastic tote I picked up a while back at a flea market. Oh.. I almost forgot a fourth container was a good sized water cooler with a removable lid and spigot at the bottom. In total the previous nights rainwater collection was about 2 1/2 gallons. Measuring the small rectangle clear tote came out to be about 2 inches of rainfall. Ok so if your reading and living in an average house on the grid this may not sound significant to you. But for people living off the grid dependent more or less on the sustainable nature of rainwater collection then this is a big deal. Either way you look at it its always great to appreciate the little things in life.. simplicity at its best in the form of liquid sunshine during the day! lol 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Try to appreciate the little things in life every day even something as simple as the rain.
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