Episode 51: An injury can slow you down working Off Grid

injury band aid guy

Anytime your trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle off the grid relying mostly on only yourself for getting things done an injury car really slow you down. Out here working in the camper many things came to a very slow halt because about a week ago I hurt my hand. This brings up a very valuable element to keep in mind when your needing to get things done but can’t. That being an injury of any kind will more than likely slow you down from your normal routine as well as simply getting the job done any time you want to.

stickman in woods

Stick man in the woods

The morning off grid was eventful as I woke up with yet another wasp in the camper and a good sized healthy snake outside before breakfast. No I was not eating snake for breakfast! lol Somehow the wasps seem to find their way into the camper during the day and depending on what time I get in they surprise me in the morning or as I’m looking out a window at night. Being out on mother nature’s doorstep here off grid snakes wander close to the camper from time to time. This morning as I was stepping out the camper door to make breakfast a halfway coiled up snake scared the you know what out of me! lol As I set my cast iron skillet down out of the corner of my eye the snake moved. The snake was brown with a diamond shaped pattern and about 2 1/2 inch diameter. Being only about two and a half feet away from my foot I was lucky to not have been bit.

I have only been out here off the grid in the camper for a short while but one thing has become very obvious. Anytime your trying to live in a remote location or off grid first aid needs to be a priority. A good first aid kit should be in everyone’s house no matter you live. Sustaining an injury makes the first aid preparedness mindset even more so a must If you have been following my journey off the grid you know that these episodes of the podcast have been catching up quick. Today’s podcast was recorded only about 3 weeks ago (August 30th). My hand is all better now and the small scar is a subtle reminder that even if you don’t want to slow down you may be forced to from time to time so just adjust. Taking a deep breath. Doing what you can time will pass quickly and hopefully when you are injured you will heal quickly so you can get back to work!


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  • Today’s lesson: Sometimes you may have no choice but to slow down weather you want to or not.
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