Episode 49: When its time to take trash out you’ll know it!

take out the trash

A very good day to everyone out there in podcast land tuning in to today’s show! Something hit me last night as I stepped into the off grid camper. It was a pretty bad rotten smell. At first I thought it was time to change my compost bucket toilet so I swapped it out for a new one with all the fixings. The “fixings” are a mixture of cedar shavings, aspen bedding, and good smelling coffee grinds to help absorb moisture and odor for my little off grid toilet. The next morning I woke up to the same nasty smell. It turned out to be the trash. Now keep in mind usually if your living in the average white picket fence house the trash might smell a bit but usually your in and out of the kitchen fast. When your living in a monumentally smaller space like a medium sized camper you can not escape your responsibilities. Essentially this is right along the lines of a tiny off grid house size wise.

Living off the grid you need to be innovative and efficient especially when it comes to the importance of maintaining a sanitary environment. Today was all about taking out the trash and cleaning up first thing this morning in the camper. Waking up to the fact that your humble dragonfly in camperabode all be it a tiny home stinks to high heaven is a stark reminder to take out the trash. I started by sweeping the floor and was done in no time at all. I would imagine most any camper, RV, or other tiny house would be just as easy to sweep. Next up was to take out the trash. The trash turned out to be the culprit for the offending odor. As mundane as it sounds this is a very important part of feeling good when you come home to a welcoming environment. Again when its time to take the trash out you will know it!

Flowing to the lighter side of living off the grid the morning was had a few simple pleasures for those with senses to appreciate. A little dragonfly flew in to check things out for a while. If you have been following Off The Grid Podcast you know I love to cook. Today I was multitasking both cleaning up inside the off grid camper and making breakfast. If you want to hear the making of a granola Power Pancake recipe listen to Episode 40 of the podcast. If you want to try making it yourself visit the Cast Iron Cooking page to get the recipe.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Living in a small space you will absolutely know when its time to take the trash out!
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