Episode 48: Casual midnight show after very busy week!


casual night 1Today’s show is more of a casual catch up after a very fast week with a lot going on. If your looking for good info about off the grid stuff this is not that kind of episode. Most of the shows here on Off The Grid Podcast are indeed about everything off grid but if your up for it I invite you to sit back and relax a spell. After another long day of busy I stopped just before midnight to record an episode for the podcast. With everything going on at work, classes, and life in general pausing to record an episode was a good thing. Yes I was tired, it was late, and I was about ready for bed. Putting a good LED headlamp on always lightens things up 🙂 So hopefully you can appreciate tonight’s casual midnight show after a very busy week!casual night 2

Work going good was a big plus because that meant more funds could be put toward repairing the off grid camper and preparing for winter. Friday I stopped by a yard sale and found two rain barrels along with some other useful tools to help when working off grid. Saturday meant more work. Sunday was a little bit more relaxed but with a minor injury from class my life was about to get a little interesting for the next couple of weeks. Yup I hurt my hand. Luckily it was not that bad so it would not be too long before I would be back to normal. Anytime you are trying to be more self sufficient working off the grid can be a bit more challenging when an injury forces you to slow down. By the way.. doing laundry becomes a little more challenging if your trying to do one handed. I had also signed up for a Reiki seminar on Sunday but was not able to go this time. For those that don’t know Reiki is basicly working with healing energy. For more info check out the link below in today’s podcast show notes to learn more. Fortunately I did make it out to the Reiki open house so it was a ice end to a very eventful week! It just goes to show that living on or off the grid there is never a dull moment when you stay busy and life tosses variables your way.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Even when life gets busy sometimes you need to simply slow down.
  • Hey look what I found! If your interested earn a little more about energy healing Reiki.
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