Episode 33: WAKING UP ~ First day Off The Grid

off grid good morning

Today was special because it was my first official day waking up in the camper Off The Grid. Today’s episode was recorded the morning of July 2nd after a restless night of very little sleep. It had been a long day yesterday with a class late so it meant my first night in the camper meant going straight to bed. I woke up this first morning off grid with a gentle sprinkle across the roof as the sun was breaking free from the clouds. The chirping birds, soft symphony of crickets, and sweet breeze of a quiet morning was very different from what I was used to yet a welcome change. I still don’t have AC but the night before was 73 or 74 degrees so it was good and comfortable. Despite being the middle of summer it was still early enough and I was grateful to be enjoying a mild 77 degrees to start the day. It was humid with a solid cover of clouds but it was a bright good morning. All in all my first impression was akin to basically if you were to go camping. As you can tell I was tired and had not quite woken up to full alertness yet. 😛 With everything in the camper a long way from being 100% it was still not clear as to weather or not even the batteries were good. The day before I had just flipped the switch with the solar panels.

camper-mess-1The camper was still a serious mess with everything everywhere! The flooring was halfway ripped up with basically a 4 foot by 8 foot section toward the front of the off grid camper. Several boxes along with miscellaneous household stuff were everywhere in part because it was time to get off the couch! If you have been following Off The Grid Podcast you have heard my crazy journey to this point. Until now I was staying at a friends house on their couch and i got old fast! Today was the day that I had been looking forward to for a long time. I started recording these episodes of the show documenting my journey from the suburbs to off the grid back in February. A lot has happened since then and the adventure is about to now begin off the grid!

Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

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