Episode 24: Preparing this year’s Off Grid Garden

This episode of Off The Grid Podcast I was out recording live at the land just after working on this years garden. As always life doesn’t stop and today was another busy day. Lets see.. where to begin? My uncle came out and tilled the garden area allowing me to get begin preparing the garden area. For my first year off the grid I would be celebrating with a 20 foot by 60 foot garden. Yes that is big! lol

I went out to my friends house where most of my belongings were stored and found my deep freezer unplugged again! I was PISSED because this was the second or third time that I went to visit and my deep freezer was unplugged. This time was different because the deep freezer had been without power for several days if not a week. Did I mention I was PISSED?!?!?! I had a lot of grass fed beef, non-GMO food, 4 free range hens, and a number of items I had canned myself. I had several jars of homemade chicken / turkey bone broth and homemade freshly frozen pico de guio (spelling?) salsa from my garden last year.

As for this years garden I have been adding layer after layer of organic fertilizer, crumbling rotting wood, cardboard and anything else to help add fertility to this years summer garden. This years garden was going to be my biggest yet! I planted a few garden veggie plants but most of the work was basically preparing the off grid garden. After today’s long day of working out here on the off grid land I began to wonder is I have bitten more off than I could handle. All you need to d is just remember to take things one day at a time.

Show notes from today’s Podcast

  • Want to learn more about gardening off the grid? This site has some great innovative gardening ideas: Permies forum
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