Episode 21: A month after starting the Off Grid Podcast

This episode of the Off The Grid Podcast was recorded March 23 about a month after starting this show. Today’s podcast is kind of  a month in review. My cousin and I were out clearing the brush and doing a lot of work on the land. We had a good time and got a lot accomplished in clearing room for the camper. After the first day of spring came and went I was out on the Off Grid property the cold reality of TICKS everywhere hit home. Ticks were coming in season along with spring. Talking to my uncle he hooked his tractor up to the future off grid camper but the tractor tires dug down. In the end the camper would not move because it was really stuck in the mud / clay. The camper has been sitting in place so long that trees have literally grown up around it.. so yeah the camper is hard to get to. I was kind of joking when I asked my uncle “By the time I get the trailer I’m going to earn it huh”?.. He said “Yup”. By the way the camper is a gift and all I needed to do was get it but as I was quickly learning that was not going to be easy.

Looking back over everything that has been going on the last month I realized that I was eating way too much fast food JUNK. If you have been listening for a while you know I love to cook. Ironically after packing, moving, and all the compounded stress I have lost 10 pounds despite eating all the junk food that is.. fast food. I really miss having a kitchen and being able to cook good quality food any time! Thank you for listening to the show! If you have something to share please post your questions, comments, or off grid tips here.

Notes For Today’s Show

  • The video mentioned in today’s episode has not been uploaded yet. I will edit this when it is up!
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  • The show has been going strong with episodes posted daily and will be adding the first sponsor by the end of this month!
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