Episode 19: Observations at the Off Grid property

Today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode was the first show recorded out at the property before the camper was moved. Recording another installment in making a documentary about my journey off the grid this was a particularly fun episode. I walked around with mic in hand talking about some future plans for projects, a micro garden, animals, and frogs as the sun went down. Earlier in the day I was clearing some of the brush that was about 6 foot tall! You can hear all the crickets and frogs in the background. I was trying to be observant on the future off grid land. There were a lot of giant wolf spiders about the size of a silver dollar. Yes they were huge! There were also some cool sounding birds out there. As the sun goes down the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees and the volume on the frog symphony went up about 3 levels as well.

Intelligence is like deodorant. The people that need it the most never use it.

Being out in the wilderness that is mother nature’s playground it seemed like a good idea to start bringing a few things. So I brought a few shovels, tools, and helpful items to make things easier for clearing the area. Its a shame that there is so much B.S. and red tape with our municipalities to prevent you from exploring off grid living. Some of the rules and regulations make sense and are there to protect us from ourselves. They say that intelligence is like deodorant. The people that need it the most never use it. lol Unfortunately many of those rules and regulations are simply what seems to be an ever inflating waste of taxpayer dollars.

Being out in nature like this and pausing to take it all in is almost indescribable. There is so much beauty in nature. The sights, sounds, and smells are a big change if your not used to it. Going from the suburbs to off the grid trading traffic for mother nature is almost like going straight into a reality TV show. Yes seriously! If you like the show please tell a friend, post on Facebook, or if you have a question please post it here. Thank you for listening to the podcast I really appreciate it! 🙂

Note: Today’s Off The Grid Podcast was recorded back in March.


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