Episode 138: Hurricane Matthew On The Way Toward Off Grid Camper

hurricane matthew

If you live on the east coast of the US then no doubt the weather has been on your mind. With hurricane Matthew making its way up the coast heading my way has me back on my game getting things down and securing loos items outside. Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti as a category 4. This brought with it seriously damaging winds and rain to that area. As the storm makes its way up toward Virginia (where my off grid camper is located) I find myself still procrastinating a bit. None the less I don’t have a lot to move around out of the wind’s unpredictable 100 mph gusts. Why is this an important thing to keep in mind? When you are facing severe hurricane winds objects that are not secured down can potentially be very dangerous projectiles. Combine this with the fact that I live in a close to 40 year old camper and that means only have two options. Simply put its time to either bug in or bug out! After living off grid for a little over a year now the fact that the windows all look original makes me feel better. Why you may ask? Well if the off grid camper is close to 40 years old then chances are it has seen its fair share of crazy storms!.. and the camper is still in good shape for its age. Time will tell but as I type this it looks like hurricane Matthew is loosing some steam and may head out to sea. If it heads out to sea that will more than likely mean a couple of days of rain and wind with minimal damage. Fingers crossed! Thank you for listening and if you have something to share please email me! i would love to hear from you 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Life is short. When major events in your personal life take place try to learn as much as you can and make the best with the time you have.
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