Episode 135: Announcements for Fall Schedule Change-up in Shows

baby dragonfly

If you have been a long time listener to the Off The Grid Podcast you know that recording and posting two shows a week has been challenging most of the time. When I first started posting episodes both were audio format. As the year went on I realized that the amount of video. I accumulated many hours of video working on various projects in and around the off grid camper. In an effort to get listeners caught up I began posting one show a week as audio and the second show in video format. The thing is video editing takes even more time than working with only audio shows. So.. The podcast will be changing from posts twice a week to once a week. A majority of the shows will be in audio format and when I have time I will post videos as well. Looking back to this time last year I was no where near ready for winter. Knowing what I know now has solidified my decision to post once a week here so I can at least stay ahead of the snow!! LOL Also as I mentioned if you have been listening for a while and enjoy my work out here on the Off The Grid Podcast please consider making a donation to help me STAY OFF GRID!! I have not asked for much until now and believe it or not there are costs for running a podcast / website, web hosting, editing software equipment, etc.. Thank you again for listening! I really appreciate it! 🙂

By the way I did manage to get a picture of the baby dragonfly that was a distraction several times while recording today’s podcast episode. 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Sometimes you need to remind yourself of new responsibilities and prioritize your time to effectively manage.. everything!
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