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episode 134 video listener feedback

If there is one thing I learned from other people learning from my experience living off the grid its that curiosity will be peeked and questions will arise. When I first began this journey toward an off grid lifestyle invariably the next thing after the WHAT?!? factor was the fact that most people had a question or few. Most long time listeners will be no stranger to the story of how I got where I am today.. living in an off grid camper with no power or water. Every once in a while I need to remind myself that chances are new listeners / viewers find the show and as such will have some of the same questions. Why did you choose to go off the grid? What is it like living off grid? What about power? How do you get water? Etc.. Today’s video episode I answer a couple of questions that came in from listeners. Dean from Youtube asked Why did you decide to go off the grid? Another email came in from LeeAnn. She asked if I have the option to park the camper in the woods? Doing so would help to stay 10 degrees or so cooler in the summer months.

You see the thing is that after living this way for a little over a year I look back and realize that in fact I have come a long way. For years I watched countless hours of videos on Youtube, searched the web for resources, spent many a days / evenings in the backyard practicing mini survival skills, and finally mustered up the courage to take that scary leap of faith off grid! It was not easy but I would not trade this unique life experience for anything! One thing that stands out still is that the first 2 – 3 months were a MAJOR adjustment period for me. After living 40 years in the “traditional” on grid suburban lifestyle and then voluntarily choosing this lifestyle some things came to mind. For one thing I found myself honestly questioning my sanity. Amid a serous bit of self examination I came to the conclusion that if I was sane enough to question my actions and give it the time to reach some reasonable answers then I was indeed not out of my gourd! lol If you ask some of the people that are close in my life then you may not get the same answer. Living off grid for the most part can be challenging and both beautifully rewarding at the same time. This lifestyle may not be for everyone.. for me I am quite content and love the soft sweet sounds of mother nature as opposed to the ever intrusive chaos of the concrete jungles our modern society has so quickly adopted.


Video Post notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: When you give people a glimpse of what off grid looks like they tend to have a few questions.
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