Episode 121: Hooking up Solar Panels for the Off Grid Camper

solar panels for off grid camper

Today’s video podcast looks back to the early months out here when I was installing Solar Panels for the Off Grid Camper. If you have ever been interested in alternative energy, generating your own power from the sun, or solar panels in general then today’s show should be entertaining. One of the main things to remember when hooking up solar panels is that you are working with DC (direct current) as opposed to AC (alternating current). Most grid tied houses run off of AC.. this is why most of the electrical appliances you buy are 120 volt. A lot of times when you are powering an RV, or in this case a camper DC can be a better option especially if you have access to solar panels.


Video Post notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Think outside the box and consider alternative energy like solar.
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