Episode 116: Slowing down to Appreciate Recent Good Fortune & Rat Snake Video

rat snake on wood pile

If you have ever worked some long hours for any extended period of time and found yourself stopping once in a while realizing it was time for a day off then hopefully you can identify with today’s podcast. Last fall I started working a second job and I was very grateful to do so. Fast forward to two seasons later with this being springtime garden season and I am ready to take a break. A break can be different things to different people. In this case I simply want a break from the normal work routine to work on getting this years garden going! Earlier this morning I found myself still with a little bit of a smile at the good fortune over the last couple of weeks. The thing is a lot of times we may find ourselves trying to stay positive when life seems to be against us. Then there are other times when things just seem to go your way which makes for an awesome day or few! Thanks to the generosity of my brother ( I still need to come up with a cool nick name for him btw), the generosity of listeners like you (speaking of the recent Gift of GoPro from Listeners), the fortunate opportunity and generosity of a good friend with my new 4 wheel drive I am really enjoying life right now. If you missed it.. THANK YOU to all! 🙂

A few days ago I opened the door to the off grid camper one morning to a surprise guest down by the wood pile. About a 5 – 6 foot long rat snake had made its way just a few feed away from my doorstep! FYI it is a great idea to use a walking stick everywhere you go just in case you run into a snake. The walking stick I like was found on a walk early this past winter. In case you are wondering the really cool looking “canes” with vines around them in the video are canes and walking sticks in the making. They have really great character. I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for listening / watching! 🙂


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  • Today’s lesson: Watch your step & Slow down to enjoy the good times in life too. 🙂
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