Episode 113: Video Post ~ Groundhog Day ~ Happy Trails Little Guy!


When you are not used to seeing certain things in a new environment then you are in for a few surprises every now and then. One such surprise struck me as odd last fall as something caught my ear. I stepped outside of the off grid camper and as I looked around searching for the source of a chewing and popping sound the ground moved! I quickly ran inside the camper and grabbed my knife, flipped the video cam on, and snatched a shovel on the way back out. At first I thought it might be a snake because there are plenty of them out here off grid. Then I realize that it was chewing through roots and moving way too quickly to be a snake. It was a groundhog! Hopefully you enjoy the video as much as I do. For a city guy not used to seeing things like this it was a pleasant surprise to see the ground moving as the little groundhog went about his business. Quickly realizing that there was no danger I left him alone to dig and went about my day. In the months that followed he burrowed many a paths around the off grid camper naturally irrigating the ground. lol


Video Post notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Appreciate the little things in life. As above so below.
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