Episode 12: Driving to see the Off Grid Camper for the FIRST time!

Today my friend and I drove out to see the soon to be off grid camper for the first time! It was a day filled with excitement, awesome scenery, along with a few ups, and downs. Tonight’s Off The Grid podcast was recorded really late at night after a very long day of driving! The drive out in the country down long scenic roads and natures beauty around every corner made the anticipation that much greater. I was really wanting to check out the off grid camper and this was the day. My uncle had warned me that the camper did need some work. He seemed doubtful that we might be able to take the camper today but my friend was impatient and he was the one with the van (ability to tow the camper) so I could not tell him to hold off like my uncle suggested.

When we got there it was obvious to me that my dreams of going off grid in my new camper within the next few days were slim to none. My friend on the other hand was as I said impatient and seemed to have blinders on. First off the camper was down a fairly long dirt road.. up on a hill, parked on a “campsite”. There was still snow on the ground but the melting daytime temp turned everything into slush and mud so that was another major factor against us. We all got out and my friend went straight to cutting the rope holding the tarps down on the roof. I took one look at the camper after the short adventure ride on the dirt road and knew this was not happening today. I was optimistic in a sense and looked at this as basically a micro adventure and mission to get info about what the off grid camper would need for next time.

This show was recorded (back in late February) on my journey along the way before I was off grid. If your liking the episodes please post a question or comment and share the Off The Grid Podcast with your friends!

July 28th, 2015 by