Episode 107: Video Brewing Beer Off Grid on the Rocket Stove

brewing beer off grid

Today on the Off The Grid Podcast we try something different. Instead of simply audio I have a video PART 1 OF 3 brewing chocolate peanut butter beer last year on the Rocket Stove. It was indeed a strange brew! Up until this point a majority of the podcast episodes have been primarily audio. Yes I have been working on posting shows here and there in video format for those of you wanting to actually see whats going on but today marks the start of something new.. video episodes. So if you have been following the show for a while and heard me mention a few times about the video making and brewing chocolate peanut butter beer off grid hopefully this will be a treat for you. Today’s video was recorded last October as I was making / brewing beer off grid that I named “Off Grid Brew”. I have been making beer, wine, and mead for about 3 years now. This micro brew turned out to be a very special Chocolate Peanut Butter beer indeed. When you have now power or running water things can be challenging when it comes to making something like this. The fact that I the temperatures fluctuated from 50 or so degrees at night to about 80 degrees during the day had me a little worried about just how it might affect the yeast. For a month I waited patiently as the saying rang true.. only time will tell. If you like this video please stay tuned and check out the future videos as well. This was only part 1. If you would like to learn more about the brewing process and what all went into making this chocolate peanut butter beer please check out these shows:


Video Post notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Video can tell and show a lot more than audio alone.
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