Episode 100: Broadcasting LIVE from on Top of the Off Grid Camper

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If you have been a regular listener to the Off The Grid Podcast then hopefully today’s show is a good treat. Last week in episode 99 I had mentioned that I was going to be doing a live broadcast of the show over the weekend in celebrations for the 100th episode. After a few minor technical difficulties I managed to kick the show off right on top of the off grid camper. Why up there you may be asking? Well as I quickly found out the reception out here is not always the best. Researching real quick on YouTube I found a way to make an antenna from a branch and my charging cord for my cell phone. micro machine monster truck lamboIt may work for some people but didn’t for me so I climbed on top of the off grid camper roof. Once I got up there and settled in the Periscope app seemed to work just fine. If you would like to watch the live broadcast videos or see future ones please follow me on my Periscope channel! 🙂

For today’s Time Travel Tuesday segment I dug deep into my memory box for a little toy car I modified as a kid. Flash back to the year of 1987 when Micro Machines were all the rage. Back then I had a number of these micro machines including cars, trucks, and yes monster trucks! I also had a Lamborghini. 🙂 As a kid I was always curious as to how things worked. One day I took one of the monster trucks apart with a philips head screw driver and replaced the body making it a Micro Machine Lamborghini monster truck! This was 29 years ago and I had a lot of fun modifying my new toys. If you would like to hear more please check out today’s Time Travel Tuesday segment. If you are enjoying this new addition to the podcast please let me know and if not that is ok too. Either way i would love to hear from you! As always thank you for listening to the podcast! 🙂


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