Episode 89: Enduring Crazy Cold Temps Falling to 16 Degrees Outside the Off Grid Camper!

snowing off grid on the camper

If you have ever lived anywhere when the icy cold grip of winter winds chill you to the bone then you can probably relate to today’s episode of the Off The Grid Podcast. In the last few days it seems that winters icy cold grip has really take hold of this area. Freezing temperatures dipped down to 16 degrees. Keep in mind that when you are trying to stay warm inside of an old camper with no electricity or water then you need to use your critical thinking and common sense skills even more so. I had hoped to have my little pot belly cast iron coal / wood stove in by now but it has not happened yet. I do however have an awesome Little Buddy Heater. If you are looking to live off grid and need a little info about heating during winter’s cooler months then this episode will not disappoint. i shared some recent info and numbers with the temps both inside the camper, outside the off grid camper, and in combination with running a small portable propane heater. Yes you can learn a little bit by listening to this chilly winter episode. lol

Today’s podcast was recorded at the office after a very long and late day that turned into night. If you noticed my energy was low it was because I pulled a double shift and then recorded the podcast for this episode. As I mentioned it was very late when recording so I will keep the wording for this post short.. Sleep is important!!! 🙂 The video will be posted here on the website tomorrow. Please stay “tuned” for the update! lol Until next time stay safe, please stay warm on these bitter cold days, and enjoy some of the beauty that only snow can offer. As always thank you for listening! If you have any questions, comments, or other great info to share please send me an email. I would love to hear from you! 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Sometimes your path can change over night. Adapt quickly to new surroundings & enjoy the beauty of new fallen snow!
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