Episode 79: Doing clothes and washing Laundry on grid VS Off Grid

washing laundry off grid

If you are living a halfway civilized lifestyle you probably wear clothes and with that you need to do laundry as well. Weather you are living on or off the grid chances are doing laundry will need to be done often. Looking back I realized that while I have been out here for several productive months now I have not touched on the subject of cleaning clothes or doing laundry. No matter how you tackle it laundry will need to be done so that leads to one of two choices to make. Do your laundry out there off grid where you are or drive to civilization and wash / dry your clothes there? Over the last few months I have explored both options. Granted there are a number of variables including power, water, money (gas money & money at the laundromat), time, and also the social aspects when visiting friends and family. Once you figure out whether you want to do your laundry at your cozy little homestead or take the drive to civilization then you need to figure out which works best for you in terms of the best use of your time and money. Give me a minute.. let me explain the time and money part.

Here are some things to take into consideration if you are examining options for doing laundry off grid VS on grid. Are you cleaning your clothes, jeans, towels, and other linens at the homestead or driving out to wash clothes? When driving to a friends house, visit family over a spin cycle, or to the laundromat you need to look at both time and money that will be spent. You need to take into account the amount of money you will be spending for both gas for your car and also the amount on the washer / dryer if going to the laundromat. It may seem trivial but the amount of time you spend on the road to and from will quickly start to add. If you are like me time is a very valuable thing. Any time away from doing anything off grid had better be time well spent.

If on the other hand you decide to do your clothes off the grid laundry may be a bit more of a challenge unless you are lucky enough to be far along in your journey. Out here off grid in my humble little camper I do not have the option of simply dropping all of my linens into a washer or dryer. Why not you may ask? Resources are at a premium out here when it comes to power and water. More specificity a steady source of abundant electricity because I need more batteries for the solar panels to store power. As for water I need to stop saying it and just set up the rain barrels. With that there is a side note.. there is always SOMETHING to do or get done when you are living off grid so time is valuable. Ok back to the subject for today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode. If you are looking to wash your linens “in house” then you will probably be doing what I have tried which is washing with either a 5 gallon bucket or with a large mixing bowl. There are other ways to get your clothes but I will save that for a follow up show down the road! lol When it comes to drying your clothes off grid I have tried two of the obvious that seem to work well. After returning late last night with a basket full of partially wet clothes (its a long story.. listen to the podcast!) I hung most of my shirts, socks, and jeans up on cloths hangers. Yes the off grid camper was quite a sight in the morning. It looked like a Christmas elf got into my closet and mischievously hung all of my clothes all over the camper both inside and outside! lol Ah the good old days of doing laundry out here in the camper off the grid. 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Take some time to think about how you will wash laundry off grid to save time and money.
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