Episode 44: Day of DEALS on cool Cast Iron Skillets, Molds, & Pans!

cool cast iron skillet mold pan

A fitting good end to the crazy week takes me out hunting for deals at the flea markets and this weekends major score was great for cast iron cooking! 🙂 This weekend I found a LOT of very cool cast iron mini skillets, heart shaped cookie mold, a ginger bread man cornbread mold, and a unusually odd 4 in 1 cast iron pan with a hinged lid. If your curious then click on today’s featured image of the collection of cast iron cookware. The picture will enlarge for a better view. We all know the coveted Wagner  cast iron skillets but if you can not find what your looking for or can’t afford the higher antique price tag then save money at your local flea markets and yard sales. I did find a lot of smaller useful finds that will definitely come in handy here in the off grid camper. I found a super small garden hose water pump that you pewer with a drill, some aluminum flashing, and a few other little gems for off grid projects. If you like cooking with cast iron you know that they can last a lifetime. You also know that depending on what you buy you can spend a bit of money on your quality cast iron collection. Save some money and look for some local deals in your area!

pull up camper carpetThis has been a very good yet busy week and the weekend tuned out to be no different. If you have been following Off The Grid Podcast you know this year has been flying by fast! Episodes are being posted at a super fast pace to get caught up with current recorded shows (today ;). After checking out some of the local big box stores as well as discount outlets in my search for flooring I decided to look online. Craigslist turned out to be where I found what i was looking for. More progress is being made on the floor. I pulled up the ancient carpet making room for the new flooring in the off grid camper. There was a deal for some almost brand new flooring (floating floor) for only $50 so at that price I was saving a lot of money. Most of the flooring and tiles I looked at were about a dollar per square foot. The deal I found was less than 50 cents a square foot. So yes save money by searching craigslist too.


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Check out local yard sales, flea markets, and estate sales to save a LOT of money!
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