Episode 14: Day of deals for Off Grid Camper – Deep Cycle Batteries

Today was the day of deals for the Off Grid camper as I searched the flea markets and Craigslist. It was Saturday so it was a good day to hunt for useful items to make my journey off grid a smoother one. I found 3 deep cycle batteries on Craigslist! This was huge! The batteries were kind of an important piece of the off grid puzzle.. I had the solar panels but needed a way to store the power. I also found a 500watt power inverter brand new in the box at the flea market for only $15 and a pair of work overalls for only $2! Several other treasures were found and everything will come in handy when away from the suburbs in the camper!

My goal of being off the grid by the 1st had come and gone but did not happen (Today’s show was recorded back in March). I was able to move out after 3 late days of packing and cleaning. I would guess that most of us have way more stuff than we even realize. Well it was official.. I moved out and was staying at a friends house on the couch until the camper was ready for my journey off the grid. It was not a good feeling “crashing on the couch” but I was grateful for a warm place to stain on these still ice cold nights. Life continued with more change and at least I was one day closer to moving off grid.. even if this was a small setback due to the camper not being ready on time. Humbling times like these remind me of a quote:

Turn life’s stumbling blocks into stepping stones.


August 1st, 2015 by