Episode 39: Cleaning day here in the Off Grid Camper!

camper mess before cleanup

It has been close to a month now since my move to off the grid and with everything going on I have not been cleaning much inside the camper. That was about to change. Today was cleaning day and I was in the camper taking some extra time this morning to clean up a bit. First up was a good size stack of egg shells. I like making french toast and my “power pancakes” in the mornings so I had a stack of egg shells that had been drying and needed to be moved. I use the egg shells (crushed up) as a natural calcium supplement in the garden. Half of the difficulty when your working in a small space like a camper is just finding a place to put things! lol Once I can get everything fixed with the floor and front half of the camper finding space to store stuff will be less challenging.

Moving more items around I found several things I had forgotten about or lost in the move off grid. Yup.. if your listening you can tell the camper is a little cramped for space because everything was so unorganized! Several 2 X 4s were moved up to the back wall over the kitchen counter sink. That is one good thing about these old campers.. most of the time they have really been designed well to maximize space. After a short while of cleaning up in the camper I unearthed a treasure! lol I found my power cord for the video camera. The power cord was something I had been looking for because with all of the documenting my journey off grid and repairing the camper the battery was done! It was time to record some more video for documentary! lol

One thing you get good at with these old campers when moving in general is organizing. Stacking and packing seemed to be a critical skill these last few months. I attribute my advanced stacking and packing skills to years of playing Tetris as a kid! lol If your not good at organizing when you start a move into a camper you will be an expert when your done. All in all the move to off grid has been a good one. Cleaning up the camper and sorting through all the stuff today reminded me that I had come a long way. The vision is clear with the prospect of a humble little camper being all cozy and clean in the near future just in time for the cooler months. 🙂

Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Clean up your stuff!! You could find what your missing!! lol
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