Episode 47: Cast Iron Cooking with a Dutch Oven on the Grill

cooking on rocket stove grill

Today or um tonight’s episode was recorded late one evening about 11 o’clock off the grid while cooking with a cast iron Dutch Oven on the grill. I was a little tired so if my energy was low that was why. The days here in the camper have been flying by really fast and fall is on the way. With the fire going on my off grid grill (rocket stove) I put a small 12 inch grate over the top so I could use my Dutch Oven to cook dinner. Tonight’s cast iron cooking menu featured smoked sausage Jumbolia with fresh peppers, onions, raw honey, and yummy spices! If you have been following the Off Grid Podcast you know that I love to cook. Once I get the power issue straight I will be cooking a lot more so if you have a good recipe to share I would love to try it! You can check out something new on the Cast Iron Cooking page. Do you have a really good recipe to share with everyone or that I can try? If so please contact me!

As I enjoyed the refreshing night air with the scent of wood smoking on the rocket stove grill I stopped from time to time to admire the heavens above. Because this is off the grid in mother natures back yard I also paused from time to time to listen to all the wild insects and animals teaming in the surrounding forest. Reflecting back on the last few days I have not been getting much done recently in the off grid camper but tonight I was going to eat good! Earlier in the night a very small and very cute baby owl flew right over my car as I was pulling up landing on a branch just long enough to say hello. 🙂 Tonight’s episode was recorded back in mid August. Podcast shows should be up to date withing about a month.. just in time for the cooler weather lol. This means more cast iron cooking outside!! Whoo hoo!! 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Whether your aware of it or not your energy level will drop if you do not eat!
  • Eat good, try a recipe, share a recipe, send in a recipe of your own and check out Cast Iron Cooking.
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