Episode 60: Brewing Chocolate Peanut Butter Beer Off Grid on the Rocket Stove!

brewing beer off the grid

With the cooler weather on the way I though now was a good time to brew some Chocolate Peanut Butter beer out here off the grid on the rocket stove! If you are a regular listener you know that I while I do have “power” via the solar panels I do not have a way of storing that power. If your a home brewer then you know that a good climate controlled environment is a big part to correctly brewing beer or wine. Out here off grid that can be a little challenging to say the least! Now that fall is officially brewing chocolate peanut butter beer 1here and the temperatures have been more manageable I figured if I was going to brew any beer this year now was the time. Carpe Diem! I don’t brew beer or wine but about once or twice a year and with the temp dropping it was time for some Off Grid Brew!

Daytime temperatures have been in the 70 – 80 degree range. Night time temps get down to about upper 50s to lower 70s. The average temperatures in this area are about perfect for home brewing beer or wine out here because I don’t have power. Power would allow me to heat or cool anytime when needed to create a controlled environment for the chocolate peanut butter beer. Here off grid the temperature fluctuates because whatever the temp is during the day / night is what it is all the brewing chocolate peanut butter beer 2time. Most of the time when your doing something like this its in a controlled environment. A gas powered turkey fryer would have been ideal but was not an option. I did however have my trusty faithful rocket stove! So I fired up the rocket stove as the sun was going down.

Wood smoke filled the air once again out here in my tiny piece of heaven. I was in an out of the camper trying to sterilize everything and at the same time feeding the rocket stove building the coals. The rocket stove was hungry because in order to get the water boiling I was feeding a steady pace of twigs and branches. I added the chocolate and caramel grains into the water to steep. Then I added some crushed peanuts and raw coco. For those not familiar with home brewing steeping is kind of brewing chocolate peanut butter beer 3like making beer tea before it begins to ferment. As the flames tamed down on the rocket stove I kept an eye on the temperature of the future chocolate peanut butter off grid brew. As steam gracefully rose from the steeping grains, peanuts, and chocolate coco the coals began to accumulate inside the rocket stove. Steadily adding branches to maintain a good temp after about an hour I stoked the flames a little higher bringing the brew to a boil.

A friend suggested that I try adding half of the hopps in the beginning, the other half about 30 minutes in, and the last bit of hopps at the very end (about 2 min.). After loosely following a basic porter recipe and adding my own flare with the chocolatebrewing chocolate peanut butter beer 4 peanut butter it was time to cool things down so the yeast could be added. There was only one small problem. I do not have power here off the grid so that meant no way of refrigerating water to cool things down. I added several gallons of “room temperature” water but it was still sitting at 120 degrees. After about 3 or 4 hours I was ready for bed and could not keep my eyes open any longer. At about 3 o’clock in the morning I checked the temp of the chocolate peanut butter brew. Amazingly enough it was still a very warm 100.5 degrees. So I decided to pitch the yeast despite the very warm temp. Keep in mind that this was an English Ale Yeast. The package said to pitch the yeast (add the yeast) at a temperature of 65-70 degrees F. If your any good at math you know that is about a 30 degree difference.. NOT good! The following night to my surprise it was bubbling / fermenting. I would not recommend trying this but this is what I had to work with. Being that today’s podcast was all about brewing the chocolate peanut butter beer you can count on a follow up show. As you know these episodes of Off The Grid Podcast are almost caught up. If you want to hear about the secondary fermentation part of this off grid brew listen to Episode 56: Major Show UPDATE, Hanging out, Seasoning Cast Iron, & Making Beer. I have been home brewing for a few years now and each time I try to create something unique and different.

I need your help! I am searching for a cool name for my first “Off Grid Brew”. It is brewing now with wonderful flavors and aroma of raw coco chocolate, peanut butter, hints of caramel, and subtle undertones of vanilla. When it was boiling it smelled like a giant batch of hot chocolate. For the most part this is going to be a chocolate peanut butter beer. It was made on the rocket stove out here off the grid with the inviting smell of a campfire under the stars of a new moon sky. Against all odds the amazing English Ale yeast survived after being pitched at 100 degrees (30-35 degrees hotter). It may sound funny to some but I went up on top of the camper and sent some positive energy to the package of yeast ( see Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on thought and vibrations on the molecular structure of water ). Every day I have been sending positive thoughts and energy to this strange off grid brew. I have also been literally sending good vibrations with headphones playing tones from the Solfeggio frequencies. Have I painted a good enough picture for you yet? Got ideas for a unique name for this beer? If you have an idea or few please post in today’s show notes below! 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: You can brew beer on a Rocket Stove.. even if you have no power!
  • Do you have a good name for my Off Grid Brew? I need your help coming up with a cool name for the beer!
  • If your looking for more info on home brewing check this podcast episode out on The Survival Podcast
  • Here is a link to an article about the experiments done with Thoughts and Water.
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