Episode 55: Batteries DONE & Trying Kitty Litter for my Off Grid Toilet

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For the last week I was holding out hope that the solar battery bank may be ok but unfortunately it looks like the batteries are done. If you remember back in Episode 52 Big Solar Battery Bank UPDATE I topped off all of the batteries with distilled water. Then I reconnected my off the grid solar panels via the charge controller to the battery bank. The last few days I kept an eye on both the levels of individual battery cells along with the amps at the end of the day. After not noting any change as to the solar battery bank holding a charge I started checking each individual deep cycle battery. As it turns out one by one each one of the (3) 12V deep cycle batteries were in fact done. Not a single rechargeable battery held a charge so my off grid solar battery bank needs to be replaced.

The second notable note for today’s podcast I was trying something new for my DIY / homemade off grid toilet by using kitty litter. If any of you have cats you may be thinking one of two things.. one your crazy!! or two wow that makes sense so lets try it! lol Well time would tell as to weather this was going to work. First impression so far was that the “99% dust free odor free” might just be false advertising. It was still to soon to tell about the odor but there was a lot of dust! Now granted this was kitty litter and probably not intended for use in an off the grid compost toilet of any kind but out of necessity I was willing to give it a try. The off grid toilet that was a simple 5 gallon bucket lined with trash bags that anybody could easily put together in a SHh hit the fan scenario.. Attention preppers you probably already knew that but it doesn’t hurt to explain for the newbies out there. People wanting something quick as a DIY toilet for off grid living will appreciate the simplicity of it all too.

“At the start of a journey your desire is always greater than your talent and sometimes that time is just so that your talent can catch up”

Thank you guys once again for tuning into the podcast and sticking with me. It really does mean a lot and I thank you for it! It seems like for the most part every day is a welcomed new adventure in many small ways. Yes for years probably just like you I listened to and watched countless shows about people living off the grid or way out there in harsh environments. It was really cool to see how they were able to figure out and adapt to challenging situation. Evey day I learn something new and am still amazed as to just how much of “everything OFF GRID” that I simply could not have imagined or predicted. Life as always it seems is best experienced first hand as opposed to watching hours of TV.. especially when things are far from ideal. lol


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