Episode 139: After Hurricane & Plenty of Firewood for Off Grid Camper This Winter!!

hurricane firewood

With this being Hurricane Season for the east coast of USA that means that my little off grid camper can be in the path anytime one is headed to Virginia. Hurricane Matthew just grazed our area out this way and it was a bit of a mini adventure for couple of days! If you have been a long time listener you have no doubt heard me preparing for tropical storms and hurricanes in the past. This area is about overdue for a good strong hurricane. Luckily this time the off grid camper made it through just fine. Very little if anything was out of place. I noticed a branch from my garden fence was down although that could have simply been nature itself telling me it was time to replace it. Now that the sun has once again broken free of the clouds and the birds are out chirping most everything is back to normal.

As you may know I have a nighttime delivery job. A few nights ago that meant I was out in my 4Runner driving in torrential downpours as hurricane Matthew was gaining full steam for this area. Before you ask yourself what were you doing out there?!?! I am and will always do my best to be extra cautious on the roads.. especially when the weather is severe! As I left the off grid camper heading to work with extra food, water, snacks, and essentials I took time to drive slower than normal observing the road along the way.free firewood from hurricane It was still daylight and some roads were completely covered in water. Still very passable but 100% covered none the less. This was one of many signs that this time our area was about to get some serous rain from hurricane Matthew. As the few short hours went on I took a few deliveries and took note how quickly the roads were really turning hazardous. As I mentioned in the Off The Grid podcast I saw one car drive into deep water only to stall out with the engine and most likely floorboards flooding. This is yet another time I found myself ever grateful to now have a 4wd that had more clearance than most from the road! I was very very grateful!

The very next day I was fortunate enough toaxe handle firewood be back out driving again finding lots of firewood on my way. The sun was now shining as the cooler winds reminded everyone in the area that the storm had only just been here hours before. By the end of the night I wound up with a full truck full of firewood. A good portion of which was already cut down to size. All I needed to do was split some firewood. By the way as a side note there is something very satisfying about splitting your own firewood! Needless to say once again I was grateful to have been presented the opportunity for free firewood along the side of the road.. even if it was the result of a nasty little storm that rocked this area for a day or so.

Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: When opportunity presents itself in the form of natural resources be ready! It can save you a lot of time and work by being a huge time saver.
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