Episode 50: Admiring a Super Moon listening to Crickets top of Off Grid Camper

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Good day and good evening everyone! Today’s Off The Grid Podcast was recorded August 29th out here under wonderful nights sky the moon and stars. Tonight was a special night out here because it was my first super moon here off grid. What is a super moon or Supermoon? If your asking don’t feel bad because I just learned what it was just recently as well. A Supermoon or super moon is when the moon is actually closer to the earth than at any other time of the year. We usually get about 3 super moons a year on average. A super moon can appear 14% larger than a regular full moon and can be up to 30% brighter as well. So if you looked outside one of these superfluous bright nights and was wondering that was why. The heavens above were indeed a masterpiece to behold with my wondering eyes looking up as I paused for a short while before bedtime to admire this super bright full moon. Most of the time in the past I would look up and wonder once in a while just how many stars were out there that I could not see because of the city lights. Of coarse the nights sky was always beautiful but when you go a ways out like out here off the grid then the stars really come out! Its kind of like listening to your favorite songs with a cheap five dollar set of headphones and then upgrading to a one or two hundred dollar pair. WOW! Sometimes you don’t know what your missing until you come face to face with the clarity of being off grid. lol The city lights blind you from the truth that there is a really beautiful nightly masterpiece out there most nights.

Earlier this evening I fired up the rocket stove as the sun was going down. Just as I got my little off grid grill fired up the stars came out to play with the super moon not far behind. The warm inviting camp fire smell began to fill the air as the stars above slowly graced the heavens while the sky dimmed to a deep dark blue. The sights, the smells, and thought of a good nourishing meal set the right mood for the full super moon’s entrance on the If you have been following my off grid journey thus far you know that I have been having some issues with the batteries holding a charge. This means no refrigeration here in the off grid camper unless I buy ice every day. No refrigeration also means that if I want to have as little waste as possible I need to eat as much as possible of whatever I cook. This brought up a memory from one summer as a kid at my grandpa’s house one summer. The story is best told by podcast so I will leave the description for the ears to hear. 🙂

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you can miss it.”

Later that night after cooking out and enjoying a good meal along with seconds I took a few to record today’s Off The Grid Podcast episode. In recording today or tonight’s podcast it was nice to settle down for a few before sleep time as the very large bright super moon began to come up over the trees. Finishing up a new and refreshing drink made from water, lime juice, and honey I headed out the door of the camper. The crickets were reciting their normal nightly symphony here in the forest. Walking around the off grid camper, up the ladder, and to the roof I settled down just to enjoy the silence with the super moon above. It was nice and peaceful as you can hear. If you missed the one in August then your in luck because we have two more super moons this year. The next two are on September 28th and the last one being October 27th. So if you can slow down long enough on one of those two days, experience the magic above that is a super moon with all the nights stars playing a fantastic majestic backdrop reminding us to rest once in a while. If you find yourself in the rat race of modern society please take a few to recharge your batteries. It does not matter if your on or off the grid. Clear your head, take a deep breath, enjoy the simple things in life, and you will feel a lot better. 🙂


Show notes from today’s Off The Grid Podcast

  • Today’s lesson: Slow down once in a while and enjoy life. Not our man made rat race.. the life of nature.
  • Image credit: Downloaded from publicdomainpictures.net Photographer site: www.hodanpictures.com/
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