Episode 10: 3 Days and Counting Until Moving Off The Grid

Continuing the countdown with 3 days left until moving off the grid. After recording the podcast while on the road, at work, in the house, and most everywhere else I took a walk out back of the house for today’s episode. Listening to a guy singing down the street I walked in the snow collecting my thoughts for the last few days on the grid.. or so I thought (today’s show was recorded in Feb.before I was off the grid). Earlier in the day checking out the local roads through the neighborhoods and the interstate snow weather is still a big issue.

With only 3 days left until we were set to go get the camper the cold snowy weather was going to be an important thing to keep in mind. Another major issue on my mind was that I still have not seen the camper and did not know what needed to be done. Was my future off grid camper road ready? Did the camper have any leaks in the roof? Does everything inside the camper / trailer work? With the deadline only 3 days away and issues on the home front being extremely tense was I going to be able to have everything ready on time? These and many other questions were swirling in my head as I tried to make this move off grid into the camper would be as smooth a transition as possible. The problem is.. SCRATCH THAT.. (there are no “problems” in life. Only challenges) whatever was going on in the universe to introduce so much change at this point in my life was really pushing me out of my comfort zone and causing me to grow as a person. When faced with new challenges you have little choice to face things head on and either bend and grow or break and not. This is a time of great opportunity to both learn and grow!

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July 27th, 2015 by